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Floyd Mayweather, JR. & Manny Pacquiao – When Will These Two Call It Quits?


By Tyler “The Miracle Man” White

Long gone now are the days where we all eagerly anticipated seeing Manny Pacquiao step through the ropes and dazzle us with his blinding hand speed.

A few years back the former Pound-for-Pound great was one of the greatest fighters to watch, but times have changed and boxing is moving on.

The same applies for Pacquiao’s “rival” – Floyd Mayweather, JR.

We’ve all experienced many, many years of his career. The exciting fighting style in the earlier days, followed by the amazing displays of pure defensive boxing, accompanied by his often circus-like press conferences.

The truth of the matter is though, we’ve had all of that for long enough now and we loved it too, but the time has come to move on…

However, as with most fighters at the very highest level, these two just can’t seem to keep away from it.

They can’t stay away from another big pay day, another shot at glory and another few years in the spotlight.

With Pacquiao fighting Broner in January of next year, many will say it’s the ideal sort of fight to get “Pacman” ready for a rematch with Mayweather, JR.

That’s because Adrien Broner tries, and often fails, to mimic the style of the man who he used to call his “big brother”.

Whilst this is all going on, Floyd is said to be facing a fierce; young Japanese Kickboxer and MMA fighter – Tenshin Nasukawa – in what’s said to be a boxing exhibition match.

Once again, you could interpret this “exhibition” to be a little sharpener for Mayweather, JR. in preparation for that rematch with Pacquiao, due to Tenshin’s aggressive style and fast hands.

Whatever it is, I for one am getting pretty bored of it and want both men to just call it a day, hang up their gloves and get on with their lives outside of being fighters themselves.

I guess the question is now is: why are they still fighting?

Is it too difficult for these guys to walk away? Do they love the attention and respect that comes with being a fighter? Are they simply trying to get as much money out of boxing as possible before they walk away?

Either way, these guys have each made more than enough money to retire. They’ve created legacies that will live on forever in the sport and ultimately, every man has their day.

That day for both of these guys, has been and gone.

We’ll see what happens when Pacquiao takes on Broner and we’ll see how Mayweather gets on with Nasukawa, but let’s hope for the sake of their legacies and for the new era of fighters coming through, that these two legends call it quits once and for all, and hang them up for good.

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