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Felix Cavaliere Discusses Music, The Young Rascals & Find Out His Favorite Track He Ever Laid Down!


Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt
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(Interview conducted in 2014)

“Our generation did not have the Internet, video games, Facetime, Twitter etc. We had music.”—Felix Cavaliere

The man really doesn’t need any introduction because it all has been written before. Smooth vocals, countless hits, countless awards and a body of work, which will outlive all of us. Felix Cavaliere has been in the music business for over 50 years and added to the soundtrack of many people’s lives for the better.

Whether it’s Good Lovin, A Beautiful Morning, Groovin or How Can I Be Sure to name just a few of his hits, you can be sure of one thing, this man who by the way, loves boxing as well, (interview at a later date), is a musician to his very core…

BB: Let’s catch up the readers on what you are doing today?

These days are very exciting for me, I am happy to say. I have a new team supporting my career. We just added a new member to the band, Michelle Prentice. Our Christmas album is ready to go, along with Christmas shows.

BB: You started out with The Stereos and moved on to form The Escorts. How did these early bands help form you to go on to the major success you had with the Young Rascals?

Early exposure to audiences are invaluable experience for later years. This is one of the differences in our music world today. Young people make music with their computers, sometimes never appearing before live audiences. Experience always helps.

BB: What is the biggest thing that has changed in the music industry since you first came on the scene?

Of course the Internet is high on the list of changes, but even more so, is the fact that the auto tune generation is so prevalent. The older singers had to be singers, not auto tuners. This is a sad testament of today’s industry. In my opinion it’s BS. Like drug enhanced athletes, or a boxer with cement in his gloves.

BB: What was it like to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame was a treat, The Songwriters Hall of Fame was even more special to me.The Hammond Hall of Fame was the icing on the cake. It’s really enough to be still playing music so many years later.

BB: If you had to point to one musical artist who moved the industry the furthest say in the last 75 years, who would you pick and why?

There are so many! Dylan would be the biggest, because he showed us all that an artist can write their own material. New world.

BB: You had several hits during your career, but if you had to pick one, where you thought all the stars aligned in the universe, what song would it be and why?

If I judge by the impact on people’s lives, I would say,” A Beautiful Morning.” Music heals and I have had many testimonies of this song aiding folks.

BB: if you could meet any person from anytime in history, who would it be and what would your first question for them be?

One person , would be Jesus. I would ask him why everyone cannot get along.

BB: Finally what is the saying you live your life by?

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

Check out Felix’s website.

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