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The Rock Vs John Cena: The Road to Wrestlemania Set on RAW

By Kevin Nelson

This week’s edition of RAW took place in Anaheim, California.

The big news was who is going to be the guest host of Wrestlemania. The opening of the telecast is Michael Cole and Josh Mathews and it is it is explained that Jerry Lawler’s mother passed away.

It begins with John Cena and his attempt at humor by suggesting Michael Cole as the guest host of Wrestlemania and then throws out names like “Lady Gaga” and Sammi from the Jersey shore (I hate to admit it but I love that show).

It is also announced that CM Punk will face John Cena with Nexus being barred from ringside with a stipulation of there must be a winner. As Punk comes down the ring and sticks up for Michael Cole, the two finally start the match and it is very good, partly due to Punk’s ability as a wrestler.

Overall a pretty entertaining back and forth battle between the two that ends when someone slips Punk a wrench and he hits Cena and picks up the win. It was a big push for Punk leading up to the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.

The next entrant to the ring was Alberto Del Rio who will be facing the WWE Champion Edge or whomever at Wrestlemania.

As Edge comes out to attack Del Rio for hitting him with a guitar two weeks ago, Vicki Guerrero comes out and talks about Edge’s match on Smackdown with Dolph Ziggler, a match in which Edge was not allowed to use the spear.

Edge would spear Ziggler anyway. So Vicki announces a new champion to be celebrated on Thursday and that’s Dolph Ziggler. Edge is supposedly stripped of his title.

Tune in to Smackdown to find out. So next is WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres wrestling former champ Nathalya the match ends with Eve being victorious with an inside cradle victory.

The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan was up next and as the two are wrestling, we the viewers are treated to another great match, as much like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan can carry his opponent. Miz lands an impressive neck breaker from the ring apron and Bryan was able to land a sunset flip power bomb from the top rope.

The match finally ends with the Miz picking up a clean victory in quite possibly the match of the night. Next was R Truth and John Morrison facing mike McGillicuddy (Curt Hennig’s kid) and David Otunga. The match ends with Morrison and Truth victorious.

Next up was the girl from the HHH movie “The Chaperone” introducing the Great Khali and his kiss cam and its two minutes of seeing other people kiss. What followed was the Sheamus-Orton match.

Orton would land the RKO for the victory. Nexus would come in and attack but R Truth and Morrison along with Cena would come in and clean house.

Next was the announcement as the lights dimmed and “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) showed up and reminded us why he is, was, and will always be, one of the biggest stars in WWE history.

As he would go on a rant insulting John Cena about how he dresses like fruity pebbles and then insults Michael Cole, looking to setup a possible match with Cena at Wrestlemania.

The “Attitude” era was the WWE’s finest era as wrestling was a part of pop culture at one point. The Rock’s microphone skills are second to none, which makes me sad, because when I see the Miz and John Cena, I think there is only one Rock.

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