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Trey Lippe Morrison Update & More…


Exclusive Interview by “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

“I’m just going to be as good as I can be and do my best. I’ll be where God decides for me to be.”—Trey Lippe Morrison

Undefeated heavyweight prospect Trey Lippe Morrison, 15-0, 15 KO’s is a regular here on Ringside Report as well as a frequent question on his status that viewers ask me on my RSR Video Email Bag Show. So instead of a long lead in, let’s get to it…

BB: You were supposed to fight on November 16th, but got sidelined due to having surgery to remove a nasty Planter’s Wart on your foot. How have you healed up?

It’s healed up good. I wasn’t able to walk for a little bit so that drove me crazy because I’m horrible at sitting still, but it’s all good now. I’m ready to get back into shape and get at it again.

BB: Now that you are back again with Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Gym is training the same or different with the break when you were in Annapolis, Maryland with Tom Virgets training?

It’s been a lot better! I’m getting his attention more. It’s what I need. I’m probably the fighter that really needs the most help here. (Big Laugh)

BB: What is on the horizon for you as far as your next boxing match?

Well, it’s whatever Tony (Holden) and Freddie (Roach) agree it is.

BB: I see on Facebook you changed your relationship status and seem very happy. Is your lady a big boxing fan?

(Big Laugh) Yes, I did and I am extremely happy! Her name is Kevi Luper. I’m very lucky, she is truly great. It is newer to her as far as paying attention to it, but she knows about it.

BB: Since we all know you love your toy action figure collection especially those fellow collectors out there what is your latest prized purchase?

I haven’t bought any in a while honestly. I’ve been taken care of other things.

BB: In the past, RSR has always asked you for your latest movie and TV Show recommendation since you are a big buff of both. What are one for each the RSR readers should check out?

TV show – Lucifer! Sounds bad because it’s the devil’s name, but trust me give it a shot, I loved it.

Movie – I’m having trouble here. I haven’t seen a lot of movies lately, but have been watching a lot of TV shows. So, a couple other TV shows are “This Is Us” and “The Good Doctor.”

BB: What do you see for yourself in the next 12 months as far as your boxing career and boxing goals?

I’m just going to be as good as I can be and do my best. I’ll be where God decides for me to be.

BB: What was your 2018 Fight of the Year pick?

Alex Saucedo Vs Lenny Zappavigna.

BB: If your career continues to go up as it has, if you were faced with challenging Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury, who would you pick and what do you see in both you could exploit for the win?

I’d be honored to get in the ring with either of them. I’d just try to be the best I could be and go from there.

BB: What is your closing current message to all your boxing fans around the world?

Hey everybody I’m sorry I’ve been out a lot lately, but thank you for sticking with me! I’ll be back in action soon.

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