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Lady Gaga & Britney Spears Breaking News: Getting the Freak On

By Geno McGahee

Lady Gaga being the most popular female singer of the time has some stiff competition in Britney Spears, but the question is being asked: Is Britney presenting a poor imitation of the controversial star?

Britney’s “Hold it Against Me” video premiered on MTV and some are saying “ripoff” as they view it, pointing to some similarities to the bizarre one, Gaga.

In other news, RSR wants to congratulate Ambam, the “Freak Out” Champion according to Metro, a popular publication. We were contacted by Ambam Supporters that encouraged us to send an RSR shirt to the gorilla, but at 485 pounds, we doubt that he would fit into one. When I informed one of the supporters of this fact, they commented that “you’ve done it before.” I can’t remember ever putting a 485 pound gorilla in an RSR shirt…but I’m not going to argue.

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