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Undertaker Vs Triple H & the Shocking Direction of the WWE

By Kevin Nelson

This week’s edition of raw took place in Fresno, California.

The results of the elimination chamber were announced as John Cena was victorious and will face The Miz at Wrestlemania. He also addressed the Rock’s comments last week and resorted to the Cena of old: “The Doctor of Thuganonmics.”

His freestyle rap insulting the Rock upped the ante as the Rock made some disparaging remarks last week. Cena proved that he can more than hold his own, and I look forward to the Rock’s response.

The first match of the evening had John Morrison facing CM Punk and the match did not last as long due to the injuries both. Punk would get the win with the GTS.

Koffi Kingston faced Alberto Del Rio and it ended in a no contest. Next match was a Divas tag team match in which the Bella Twins faced Gail Kim and Eve Torres. The Bella Twins would pull a switch as they would win the match.

After seeing for several weeks the 2.21.11 sign with the Johnny Cash music, we soon discovered the return of the Undertaker. Just as he entered the ring, HHH’s music blared as the two would go face to face and Triple H looking at the Wrestlemania sign, indicating that the two may face each other at the event.

The next match featured two of the strongest men arguably in the WWE as “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry faced King Sheamus. Mark Henry would end up defeating Sheamus. The losing streak continues for Sheamus…

Next was an interview with Jerry Lawler being conducted by Michael Cole. Cole would antagonize Lawler and even suggest that his recently deceased mother would be ashamed of him for losing his title shot to Miz on Sunday.

Lawler would challenge Miz to a match at Wrestlemania as Cole would throw water in Lawler’s face and run away. Next was the main event as WWE Champion the Miz would team up with number one contender John Cena to face new tag team champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, and the Miz would get the pin for the victory.

The vanquished champions, Slater and Gabriel, would invoke the rematch clause and just as Cena would perform his finisher, Miz would hit him from behind and Slater and Gabriel would get the win.

Raw aftermath

The disappointment of not seeing Sting was upsetting, but realistically with his close friendship with TNA owner Dixie Carter, most wrestling insiders knew he would not show.

With the storyline involving Lawler and Cole talking about Lawler’s deceased mother ,(having only passed away a week ago ); I felt it was tasteless and the representing the exact problem a guy like sting who is a devout Christian would not work with the WWE.

Let’s not forget the death of Owen Hart and still continuing with the PPV despite his death moments into the show.

The WWE will sell its soul for a storyline including Lawler’s mother.

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