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Dark Knight Rises: The Scoop on the New Batman Film

By Geno McGahee

Warner Brothers has put together a great cast for the upcoming 2012 DARK KNIGHT RISES, the third Batman movie in the new series. Christian Bale will be returning to the series, wearing the suit and fighting crime against two new super villains just recently announced by the studio.

Alongside Anne Hathaway as Catwoman will be “Bane,” played by Tom Hardy. In 1997, BATMAN & ROBIN was released and featured the character “Bane” aside Poison Ivy, but the movie was so terrible and Bane so poorly represented that it was time for the character to return the right way, which is the intention here.

Michael Caine returns as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius, creating one of the strongest casts in superhero history. Christopher Nolan stated that this will be his last Batman movie, or so he claims, and that Bale will be going on for at least one more after this one, which is so in demand at this point that you have to imagine a huge success come opening night.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is now part of the cast and has been in INCEPTION and GI JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA, and has a great run on both film and TV and now the speculation has begun as to what character he will play. At this early stage, the recurring rumor is that he will play Hugo Strange, which would be an outstanding addition

There are rumors that part of DARK KNIGHT RISES will be shot at Pinewood Studios and some have also mentioned Romania as a shooting location. The studio is attempting to keep the public in the dark as much as possible at this point, only releasing bits and pieces and some even say, falsities to maintain interest and talk about the project and it has worked.

DARK KNIGHT RISES is a certain blockbuster but it has big shoes to fill. THE DARK KNIGHT is such a classic film with Heath Ledger as the Joker, that it is hard to believe that they can compete with it, let alone top it. With Ledger dying shortly after shooting, it’s hard to imagine somebody else donning the suit of the Joker, but it may very well happen. Batman continues to be one of the biggest attractions on film and the future still looks bright for the Dark Knight.

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