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Stone Cold Steve Austin Returns to the WWE & Breaking Wrestlemania News

By Kevin Nelson

This week’s addition of RAW took place in Buffalo, New York.

The telecast began with HHH addressing the WWE universe in saying that if he were to defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, he would have all the attention on him. In the past HHH felt that other superstars overshadowed him.

As Triple H was talking, King Sheamus came out and swaggered into the ring. After all, he was responsible for him being out for so long. The response from Triple H was to pedigree him through a table.

The first match was the return of high flying Evan Bourne as he fought King Sheamus. The losing streak would continue as Sheamus would lose to the high flying superstar.

Next up was Michael Cole coming into the ring and saying he accepts Jerry “The King” Lawler’s challenge with two conditions. The first is Michael Cole was to name a special guest referee of his choosing for the match. The second is that he would be trained and have Jack Swagger in his corner.

Lawler accepted and then was attacked by Jack Swagger and trapped in an ankle lock.

The next announcement was a big one: the ‘’Texas Rattlesnake’’ Stone Cold Steve Austin would be returning to RAW next week. There is no telling what Stone Cold will do.

The RAW General Manager announced that Randy Orton would face CM Punk at Wrestlemania with the stipulation that leading up to the event, Orton would face each member of Nexus and if he were to defeat them, they would be banned from ringside.

If one of them were to defeat Orton, they would be allowed at ringside.

The first match was Randy Orton vs. Michael McGillicuddy. Orton won the match and then punted his foe in the head. Next was the Divas battle royal in which the winner would face Divas Shampion Eve, at Wrestlemania.

Brie Bella would win as the twins would pull the twin magic switch again. Afterwards the twins beat up Eve.

Next was an interview with Shawn Michaels in which he talked about having mixed feelings about the matchup of HHH vs. Undertaker. Mixed feelings in that Undertaker retired him and if his friend were to win, he would be upset that he didn’t get the opportunity to end the Undertaker’s streak of 18-0 at Wrestlemania. But he said ultimately he won’t know how he feels until the match starts.

There was another interview with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) where he talked about how Cena’s comments about him upset him because he came from a wrestling family. In fact he is a third generation wrestler. He said he will soon confront Cena face to face, man to man.

US Champion Daniel Bryan faced William Regal next, and as the champ was entering the ring, The Miz attacked and told everyone that it was just a reminder that RAW is his show.

The Main Event: John Cena vs. Alex Riley with a stipulation that if Cena wins, Riley is fired as The Miz’s manager. If Riley wins, Cena has to admit that The Miz is the greatest of all time.

As the match would be contested in a steel cage with The Miz attempting to prevent Cena from winning on several occasions, but ultimately Cena would win the match only to be attacked by the Miz.

With Riley no longer helping how long can the Miz stay on top? Stay tuned to find out in another edition of Raw next week.

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