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Kevin Nash Breaking News: WWE Bound

By Sean Farrell

It has been rumored on the wrestling mill for months about how the WWE was going to make Wrestlemania XXVII a tribute to WCW. With all the talk about “The Rock” and John Cena, Undertaker vs. Triple H and Orton vs. CM Punk, WWE’s Wrestlemania was beginning to not have any WCW theme at all.

WWE Creative finally took a step in the right direction though to keep some sort of WCW theme at this year’s Wrestlemania XXVII event however they are just minor sprinkles. Wrestlemania XXVII will be held in Atlanta and will mark the 10 year anniversary since WCW went out of business. The original Wrestlemania plans were to have the Nexus vs. Corre match but that has reportedly been scratched, in WWE’s recent creative meetings they discussed having The Corre face The Big Show and a mystery tag partner.

Kevin “Diesel” Nash was named for the mystery opponent, and it would be a decent tribute match to WCW fans to have “The Giant” and “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash between the ropes in a match together again.

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