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Triple H, Undertaker & the Rock: Smackdown Spoilers

By Sean Farrell

This week’s Smackdown opens with a promo by Edge. Drew McIntyre hits the ring and attacks Edge, setting off a match. Edge wins via leg submission. Next segment- Cody Rhodes comes out to cut a promo, wearing a suit, and wearing a Rey Mysterio mask and rips on Rey.

Backstage Segment- The Corre reminds Kane they helped bury The Undertaker alive and ask him to destroy Big Show later.

WWE Tag Team title match- The Corre(c) defeated Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov.
Next Segment-The Undertaker made his return to Smackdown, cutting a promo very similar to Triple H’s on RAW. Undertaker came out to the Johnny Cash song, said that he and HHH were the last of a dying breed. They are building the Undertaker’s new character gimmick “the Last Outlaw”.

LayCool defeated Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes when Layla pinned Rosa.

Kane vs. Big Show ended when The Corre ran in and handed Kane a chair to use on Show, Kane turned on them and hit Justin Gabriel with it instead.

Next Segment-Jack Swagger and Michael Cole come out. Cole cuts a promo saying that he will reveal the guest referee for Wrestlemania next Monday. He then puts over Swagger big as a trainer. Swagger then squashes JTG.

Backstage Segment- Edge attacks an artist working on a portrait of Alberto Del Rio and defaces it.

Next Segment- The contract signing for the World title match at Wrestlemania. Alberto Del Rio comes out first and sings the Mexican National Anthem. Edge cuts him off. Edge and Del Rio get into it a scuffle and Ricardo helps but Christian makes the save.

After Edge and Christian run off Del Rio and Ricardo, they bring back the old “Five Second Pose” for the benefit of those with “flash photography” – but that may have been something they just did for the live house after the episode went off the air.

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