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Sergiy Dzinziruk Speaks on Plan to Beat Sergio Martinez

“Martinez is just another fighter”

WBO jr. middleweight champion Sergiy Dzinziruk spoke to reporters today about his March 12 clash with middleweight champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez at the MGM Grand Arena at Foxwoods. “It’s a lifetime opportunity for me,” stated Dzinziruk. “I’m looking forward to fighting Sergio Martinez. So far, no problems with my weight, and I feel comfortable with this weight. I’m fighting big sparring partners. Yes, I’m a 154-pounder but I’m going to fight at 160 and let’s see what happens. I feel very confident with this weight.”

“I don’t do anything out of the ordinary except live a clean life. I’ve had the same training regimen and have just added to it with experience. The main thing is discipline. If something is not right, I don’t do it. Fighting is my life, my world. All I know is how to box. I make sure my lifestyle – my health – I take care of. I’m healthy. I love fighting and want to win a few more titles. I have great discipline.”

“We have watched (tapes) in the past and more recently of Sergio’s fights. He is a great fighter and a great champion, but there’s nothing special. He is just another fighter in front of me and I hope to win.”

“With Buddy McGirt we have our game plan. We’re not thinking about what Sergio can do, we’re thinking about what we can do. There will be a lot of surprises, lots of pressure on Sergio, (for me) to win the fight.”

“Buddy” McGirt: “He (Sergiy) is down with precision punches. You’d think he was a typical European fighter but he isn’t. He has a phenomenal jab and a better left – the difference in this fight. You see guys sparring, no, they’re more awkward than Sergio. It took them a round to figure them out and then Sergiy was dancing to his beat.”

“Sergio Martinez is a great fighter with great hand speed. We’re working on certain tools to eliminate his speed and make our game plan better than him. The key to defeating an opponent with hand speed is to nullify it, not out-speed ‘em. Sergiy has the perfect punch to nullify – his right jab. I heard about it but didn’t believe it until I saw it. The jab controls the tempo and makes him (opponent) think and then, it’s a whole different ball game.”

Promoter Lou DiBella: “My champion, Sergio Martinez, is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters. He has another beast in front of him for the fifth time in a row. Since the beginning I’ve said I didn’t like this fight. Technically, he (Dzinziruk) is one of the best I’ve seen. The kid is very sound. This is his toughest fight and probably the toughest fighter Sergio has faced. Sergiy isn’t well known here but he is the top ’54 pounder. It’s a terribly difficult fight for Sergio but it’s what he wants. HBO has very good fight. I’m worried but I have faith in my champion who understands the challenge.”

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