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Batista Vs Ken Shamrock: WWE/MMA Breaking News

By Geno McGahee

Mixed Martial Arts knows how to use athletes of other fields. WWE does as well, and that is why they work so well together. Former WWE Champion “Batista” is making the move that Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have made, shifting over to the world of mixed martial arts and is in negotiations with another former WWE superstar, Ken Shamrock.

A Shamrock vs. Batista match is a big seller because of their association with the WWE. It’s a curiosity and that will sell. James Toney coming to the UFC in an un-winnable fight sold very well because it was a curiosity. Batista is a huge guy and is reportedly on a collision course with yet another former WWE guy turned MMA guy, Bobby Lashley.

Look for the Batista-Shamrock bout to materialize. Ken Shamrock seems to enjoy the role of gatekeeper and likes the idea of turning a good buck against a big guy that may not know what he needs to about mixed martial arts. At the advanced age, Shamrock is still strong and still knows how to fight. It should be very interesting.

RSR received an email from a Batista fan, adding his comments regarding this showdown:

“Well, Batista-Shamrock is something that I would love to see. I watched them in the WWE and I have this black baton that looks like the Big Boss Man’s nightstick and Shamrock signed it in 1998. I hope he wins, unless Batista signs my baton.” – Antonio Santino

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