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The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker & Stone Cold Steve Austin: Wrestlemania Update

By Kevin Nelson

This week’s edition of RAW took place in Dallas, Texas.

The telecast began with the Undertaker addressing his match with Triple H at Wrestlemania and said he ended Shawn Michael’s career and will do the same to him. He also issued a challenge to HHH that the match be a no holds barred affair.

Following that the Nexus attacked on Randy Orton as he had a match with David Otunga. Orton, if you recall, is facing Nexus leader at Wrestlemania and in the event Orton defeats each member then they will be banned from ringside.

Otunga took full advantage and beat him up before Orton hit his finishing move. As Orton went to do the skull crusher Mason Ryan came running down and was met with an RKO. Orton would then punt Otunga in the head.

Next was the return of Christian as he faced new NXT rookie Brodus Clay and defeated him. Afterwards Alberto Del Rio attacked Christian. Next was the announcement of Sunny as the first diva inducted in the hall of fame. Next was the divas champion Eve as she defeated Nikki Bella after being discovered attempting to do the twin magic again.

The announcement was made that Snooki will be guest hosting RAW next week. Following that was the Michael Cole insufferable speech about how he was standing up to a bully (Jerry Lawler).

Cole at his smug best invited his special guest referee JBL in the ring. Just before he was going to sign the contract to be the special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin made an appearance and stunned JBL. What followed was his signature on the contract and Cole yelling no repeatedly as his chances of beating Lawler at Wrestlemania decreased. Stone Cold gave Michael Cole a beer bath and went back in the ring and helped JBL out and offered to shake his hand and give him a beer. After giving JBL a beer he proceeded to stun him again and give him a Stone Cold Salute.

Next was a match featuring US champion Daniel Bryan facing Sheamus after he fell to the outside of the ring he injured his ankle and was counted out. He then issued a challenge to Bryan that if he were to lose to him next week he would quit. Bryan accepted.

Next was a match featuring CM Punk facing R-Truth. The match was dominated by Punk and after defeating R-Truth, Mason Ryan assaulted him. Next was Dolph Ziggler making his debut on RAW as he would face John Morrison.

As expected the match was high intense action packed with a victory surprisingly by Dolph Ziggler. Next was the announcement that Vicki Guerrero would be facing Trish Stratus in a match next week. As in the event, Vicki wins she would get a job on RAW.

John Cena was up next addressing the Rock’s comments last week and would do another rap about the Rock. What would follow is another attack by the Miz as he mocked the Rock and hit the “people’s elbow” on Cena. He would continue to talk about how he is not being taken seriously.

Raw Aftermath

With Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH and the Undertaker appearing at Wrestlemania in one form or another the WWE is trying to build up the Pay Per View, which looks to get a big boost in sales.

I should clarify things although Sunny is not the first WWE female inducted in the hall of fame. She is the first “diva” of the attitude generation. With Trish Stratus and Snooki making appearances on RAW, the ratings should continue to grow leading up to the “Superbowl of wrestling,” Wrestlemania.

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