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Undertaker Vs Triple H: The Smackdown Spoilers

By Sean Farrell

This week’s Smackdown opens with Edge coming out to challenge Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio and Brodus Clay come to the ring and Edge nails them and is cut off by Clay. They work him over until Christian makes the save. The heels overcome Edge and Christian until referees break them up. Teddy Long declares there is going to be a Tag main event tonight between the four men.

Match 1: Kane defeated Wade Barrett by DQ when the Corre attacks. Big Show comes out with a chair to make the save. Teddy Long comes out and states it is now Show and Kane vs. Barrett and Heath Slater with the rest of The Corre banned from ringside. That match ends in a DQ win for Show and Kane when The Corre comes out anyway. Show gets the chair and nails Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett as the others high tail it out of the ring.

Segment: Cody Rhodes is seen walking backstage.
Match 2: Cody Rhodes defeats JTG in a squash match, wearing his suit and shoes.
Promo: Triple H will respond to the Undertaker tonight.

Segment: Michael Cole interviewed John Cena and they showed clips of what Miz did to Cena on RAW. Cole is all over Cena. Jack Swagger tries to attack Cena and works him over. Cena makes a comeback as usual and throws him out of the ring. Cena goes after Cole, who was taunting him during the beatdown. He grabs Cole for the Attitude Adjustment but Swagger pulls Cole out and Swagger eats an Attitude Adjustment (It’s still the F-U to me).

Promo: Sin Cara video

Match 3: Layla El pinned Kaitlyn and Laycool worked her over after the match.
Match 4: Rey Mysterio pinned Drew McIntyre with a 619.

Promo: Triple H cuts a promo saying he will beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Undertaker comes out. They have a staredown. Triple H gives Taker the crotch chop. Taker gives Triple H the throat slash and leaves. (I was confused as to whether it was discussed since they already did the exact same thing two weeks ago).

Main Event Match: Christian & Edge defeated Alberto Del Rio & Brodius Clay when Christian nailed a Tornado DDT (Apparently Christian is leaning away from the Killswitch as his finisher) followed by an Edge elbow for the pin.

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