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Elizabeth Taylor: Major Medical Update

By “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor’s spokeswoman for her said she remains at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Publicist Jamie Cadwell said there have been no new developments in the 79 year-old’s condition. Taylor has been in the hospital for more than three weeks as she is treated for congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed in 2004.

The star recently celebrated her 79th birthday in the hospital and RSR supporters sent a few emails in since then to share their feelings about Ms Taylor.

“Liz, for years, I have wanted to be like you, dress like you and make such a difference in a young person’s life. You are royalty.” –Georgie Girl, NY

“Ms Taylor, you are the embodiment of class and elegance. I hope you pull through and I am rooting for you. “ –Denise Matthews, Eugene, OR

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