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Jeff Hardy Drug Use & TNA Blunder: Matt Hardy to the Defense

By Sean Farrell

Matt Hardy finally comes to his brother’s defense and just tweeted the following, Jeff is “fine”. But then again, he also said this exact same thing when Jeff’s house was raided last year and numerous drugs were found which he is still on trial for. I’d beg to differ that Jeff is “fine” by any means, Jeff needs HELP!  He really does and everyone knows this but the Hardys.

Matt’s tweet is as follows “Well, today has been quite the interesting day to say the least. And yes, Jeff is fine. I’m (definitely) fine. Just sore from busting my ass last night.”

If you want to get an inside look on the Hardys needing help just watch them during events and watch their Youtube videos, they are both drug abusers and both have track records of failing drug test throughout their careers. Jeff has failed multiple test including a positive for cocaine, when is the pro wrestling “entertainment” going to be sanctioned to prevent these things.

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