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Kane, Big Show, Edge & Rey Mysterio: WWE Smackdown Spoilers

By Sean Farrell

Edge opens the show vs. Brodus Clay, Edge won with a spear. Alberto Del Rio came out and took out Edge. Christian came out for the save. Teddy Long then came out and said we’ll have a cage match between Christian and Del Rio tonight.

US Champion Sheamus defeated IC Champion Kofi Kingston with the Brogue kick.

Kane and Big Show backstage segment. They tried to chokeslam each other at the same time. Yes folks you read that right.

Cody Rhodes defeated Trent Baretta in a squash match. Cody Rhodes has a new theme.
Layla defeated Kelly Kelly. Michelle McCool was on commentary during this and distracted Kelly Kelly to help Layla win the match.

The Big Show and Kane defeated Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater by DQ. They were both attacked by The Corre afterwards.

Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters with an ankle lock. Post-match saw Michael Cole come out of his announcer box and put the ankle lock on Masters as well.
Rey Mysterio defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. with 619.

Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio in the main event cage match. GREAT MATCH! Christian won by escaping the cage. Edge came out after the match in Alberto Del Rio’s car and threatened to destroy it. Brodus Clay came out and Del Rio joined with him to beat down Edge. Del Rio also used a chair on Edge’s arm and gloat to conclude this week’s SmackDown!

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