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Jon Jones UFC Shocker: Unexpected Knockout

By Sean Farrell

To every critic who every said mixed martial arts is viewed by savage fans, MMA can be a real life saver as proven again for the 2nd time in as many months. Today in Paterson, N.J., Jon Jones ,who is scheduled to face Mauricio Rua tonight for the UFC lightweight championship, and his trainers used their technique when they spotted a robber. Jones and Co. chased down the robber and subdued him this afternoon.

Jones, was on his way to meditate in front of a waterfall in northern New Jersey before tonight’s bout and Jones along with trainer Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn, spotted the suspect breaking into a car and stealing. They shouted at the robber and he took off running. Jones, Jackson and Winklejohn pursued him on foot. Jones, caught up to the robber and tripped him to the ground with a foot sweep then with the robber on the ground, Jackson began yelling to his Jones to stay away trying not to injure the UFC’s investment. Once the trainers caught up the robber tried to get up, Jackson said he himself used a double-legged takedown and jumped on top applying an arm bar. Winklejohn went for the other arm to make sure he didn’t have a weapon. In the fray, the robber was bloodied and the trainers said some blood got on their pants. Shortly after, police arrived to arrest the suspect.

An MMA-related move was used in another high-profile story to subdue a criminal last month as Joe Lozito, a New York-area laborer, used a takedown tackle on an alleged murderer on a subway

Bill Reilly is the New York assemblyman leading the crusade to keep MMA events out of New York, which now can be looked at as idiodic seeing how lives HAVE been saved by MMA in the last month alone. The ban by New York is a big reason why the UFC has placed several events just a few miles away across the Hudson River in Newark, New Jersey.

Jones faces Mauricio Rua in the main event of UFC 128 and will be stepping into the Octagon roughly 7 1/2 hours after his run-in with the robber.

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