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John Cena Anti-Gay Rap Jeopardizes Wrestlemania

By Geno McGahee

WWE star John Cena is all set for his matchup with The Miz at the upcoming Wrestlemania, but his current feud with “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson has been popular and may have gone a little too far, according to some.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) contacted the WWE after Cena made several implied comments regarding The Rock’s sexuality. WWE quickly responded and apologized and noted that they take any defamation seriously.

The WWE has given Cena and The Rock a lot of creative control when it comes to their promos but that may stop after this complaint, at least in regards to Cena. The WWE has a history of not being politically correct but now they are making an effort to change that. I don’t think that they would get away with another Adrian Adonis.

RSR was contacted by several readers regarding this topic and I thought that you would like to hear their thoughts.

“I’m a gay male in Arizona and I wear women’s clothing often and I receive a lot of harassment and John Cena’s slurs need to be addressed. I want to sit him down and bonk him on the head with my black magic wand.” – Anthony Santiago, Arizona

“I think that Cena should be allowed to say what he feels. GLAAD needs to back off and I say that as a GAY MAN!” – Georgie Girl

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