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FAMILY SECRET Unleashed: "The New Psycho…a Horror Classic" Available Now!

Geno McGahee’s FAMILY SECRET has quickly won over the critics and is proving to be the shocking experience that he had hoped for. The X Posse/Webhead Entertainment production has been featured on IFC and Fangoria, and continues to get praise from those in the horror industry, featuring a mystery/whodunit with plenty of gore and shocks.


Jigsaw’s Lair states:

“I guarantee that you will be surprised… I was not expecting the story to be as good as it was….8/10!”

Zombies Don’t Run exclaims:

“If you like horror films with some gore and a nice plot twist then you should feel right at home with Family Secret… you won’t be able to guess any of the plot twists!”

X Posse Productions and Webhead Entertainment asks that you do not reveal the secrets of FAMILY SECRET and allow everyone to enjoy the experience and see if they can solve it. Compared to THE BEAST MUST DIE, PSYCHO, and THE COMEBACK, FAMILY SECRET may be the first step in the right direction for horror and the best whodunit to come along in years.

Order the Horror Thriller FAMILY SECRET Now!

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