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Elizabeth Taylor Funeral to be Protested: Anti-Gay Church Shocks Again

By Geno McGahee

There are some people in this world that just seem to think differently than most. When you add in religion, these strange people become much stranger and sometimes dangerous. Although the Westboro Baptist Church, headed up by the Phelps family, have not proven dangerous, they have been as offensive as possible.

They have been known to protest many funerals, but especially those of the deceased troops, holding signs that read “Thank God for 9-11” and “God Hates F-Gs.” Fred Phelps, the leader of this group, seems to love the attention and the media gives them plenty of coverage because they are really the group that you love to hate. If nothing else, they are interesting.

Now Elizabeth Taylor, an AIDS advocate, is targeted. The plan is to protest her funeral because of her views on homosexuality, which seems to be the biggest enemy of this ridiculous group, and they most likely will. Anything that will bring them press, they will jump at and here we go, they are going to get a boatload from this.

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