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Edge Retires: WWE Loses a Superstar

By Sean Farrell

Late last night on Monday Night RAW WWE Superstar Edge aka Adam Copeland officially announced his retirement from the WWE. It was rumored this day was coming within the next year or two but the reason for it has been released and we here at RSR wish Edge the best in his future as well as in his health. Edge has been entertaining since the 90s and his run in the WWE is something of legend. It was said that Edge has been suffering from numbness and uncontrollable trembling in his arms and hands recently, which are symptoms of a nervous system disorder called nueropraxia (I know what this does to a person as my step-mother has it).

He had the same issues when he had his neck fusion surgery several years ago but it subsided.

According to the WWE Edge had an MRI done yesterday and was diagnosed with stenosis of the spine, a narrowing of the spinal cord due to the abuse he’s taken since coming back from the fusion surgery. Continued abuse from taking bumps could have resulted in serious injury, including paralysis.

This is 100% REAL Edge is done FOREVER and the decision to retire was made within the last few days. WWE obviously would have had Del Rio win the title at WrestleMania if they knew ahead of time but, for what it’s worth, that was the original plan several weeks ago to begin with.

Edge will without a doubt be missed but his health is WAY more important than our entertainment.

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