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Goodbye Edge: WWE/TNA Speak Up

By Sean Farrell

With Edge hanging it up for good there has been a shockwave unlike any other amongst the wrestling world. Edge had to call it quits as I reported earlier due to numbness caused by a previous spinal fusion surgery he had after breaking his neck years ago. The wrestling world has taken to Twitter, as Mr. Copeland is very hard to reach outside of his e-mail and WWE made him start an account Twitter was where the wrestling world met to give praise to the “Rated R Superstar”.

Edge’s best friend of 27 years Christian posted
“I’ve shed my tears..And from here on out I choose 2celebrate 1 of the greatest careers in WWE history..Cant wait2 induct u in the HOF #Edge” That tweet was then followed by a slew of WWE and TNA talents rivalry aside.

Fellow Canadian Natalya posted
“My thoughts are with Edge, and thank you so much for the wonderful memories. You’re a real, true friend and I’ll never forget it.”

“Good Ol’ JR”
The man who hired Edge posted “Edge will always be one of my favorites. I’m so grateful I was in a role to help him launch his wwe dream. Dreams do come true. Edge=HOF!”

Kelly Kelly:
“Thank you Adam for everything.. you’ve been such a great friend you’re an amazing person, an inspiration and I had the honor of working with u!”

Joey Styles:
“In wrestling you make many acquaintances and few friends. Edge is a friend. My friend, seeing you was always a pleasure and never a chore.”

Gail Kim:
“Thank u Edge for everything u have given to the business and ur friendship. We r sad 2 c u go but grateful 4 ur health.also can’t wait 2 c christian induct u to the HOF”

Howard Finkel:
“Thank you Edge for everything that you gave and meant to this industry, and personally speaking, thank you for your friendship!”

Yoshi Tatsu:
“I can’t believe it. I’m very sad. But thank you very much Edge.”

Eve Torres:
“An emotional night for sure. #ThankYouEdge. One of the most creative, hard working, passionate, & helpful men in the WWE. We’ll miss you!”

Vickie Guerrero:
“I’m so sad to see Edge leave…I’m honored I got to learn so much from him. He will be missed.”

Natalya Neidhart:
“My thoughts are with Edge, and thank you so much for the wonderful memories. You’re a real, true friend and I’ll never forget it.”

Michelle McCool:
“Didn’t catch raw but heard about most important part. I love you Edger! Thank you all you’ve given to a biz I have always loved! Mad respect. Goes out to all you’ve done not only for your fans, but for us as well. I am so blessed to call u a friend! Thx for always helping me!”

Chris Jericho:
“Edge is a great performer and 1 of my favorite opponents. He’s also got an incredible MIND for the business. Congrats on an amazing career”

Matt Hardy:
“Heard Adam is retiring because of physical issues that won’t allow him to safely continue wrestling. He’ll be missed, we’ve certainly had our fair share of issues.. Both good and bad. But I tip my hat to Edge who is one of the greatest I’ve ever been in the ring with. Adam resides in NC now-sure I’ll run into him down the road. Glad that him & I are in a good place. We came in as friends, & went out that way.”

Kevin Nash:
“the loss of Edge is a sad day 4 the WWE great in ring, but such a special guy out, he still has years left to give.”

“Edge, 1 of the GREAT guys in the biz. Awesome talent & awesome guy! I live the numbness in arms due to neck issues also, scary. Be well bro.”

Eric Bischoff:
“Best of luck to Edge. Class guy and a great talent. He will find success in anything he pursues.”

Wade Barrett:
“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Edge. A great career and a great human being.”

Howard Finkel:
“Thank you Edge for everything that you gave and meant to this industry, and personally speaking, thank you for your friendship!”

After the cameras went off the air last night, John Cena and Orton cleared the ring of the Miz and Riley hitting their finishers and Cena grabbed a mic and asked the crowd to give Adam a sendoff he can here from the back. The crowd, Orton, and Cena in a class act gave Edge a standing ovation that echoed throughout the arena.

Hulk Hogan had to put his two cents in and honestly he ruined any respect that remained for his shell of his former self as he posted “if any of the guys like me, Flair, Hardy, Andre, AA, Blanchard, Orndoff, Henning would have listened to doctors we would have quit15 yrs ago. But I don’t know Edges working environment because they are a media company not a wrestling company. HH”

Then went on to say “wrestlers work hurt! What about Foley! I bet EDGE still wants to keep wrestling, he’s one of the boys big time!!! HH” Hogan then was attacked by Edge supporters and replied “I’m not saying anything bad about Edge but he’s a real wrestler, Stone Cold and Cena had neck surgery and u couldn’t stop em, or Edge it’s in Edges blood, he lives for this business he’s a real wrestler, he a lifer, he’s one of the real boys, he’s hard to hold down, that’s all. HH” Hogan in the latter statement seemed to be covering his butt after he commenced speaking out of it. Hogan has held 16 championships in wrestling Edge 35 enough said on who is the REAL entertainer and better wrestler is and Hogan needs to just retire move on and stop trying to relive HULKAMANIA every moment of his life.

Edge will be missed but we are sure he will be with WWE to some capacity be it on screen, commentating, or behind the scenes. John Cena has also had a similar surgery and his 5 year window is almost up as well and he is as Edge put it last night on “borrowed time” as well. We need to worry about the well-being of these so called “entertainers” and forget about our entertainment and realize what these men and women really go through. Edge didn’t quit, Adam Copeland retired to preserve what remained of his health.

Once again, Thank You Adam for everything you did to your body and personal life just for our amusement and fulfilling your dream. This is one man who will not end up like Randy “The Ram” in the wrestler, or Hulk Hogan for that matter.

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