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Nick Diaz Vs Fernando Vargas: Shocking UFC – Strikeforce News

By Sean Farrell

A report from HDNet has shaken the MMA world, HDNet states that Nick Diaz’s manager, Cesar Gracie has released a statement saying if UFC President Dana White does not offer Diaz a fight with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, the Strikeforce welterweight champ’s next fight will be a boxing match against Fernando Vargas.

In fact, according to Cesar Gracie, Diaz has already signed a contract to fight Vargas in a boxing match. Diaz does have great boxing for MMA and how it would translate to the boxing ring remains to be seen. But, coming off his impressive win over Paul Daley, Diaz has nothing to prove in Strikeforce and should be given another UFC chance. If this doesn’t happen the MMA world can relax as losing Diaz isn’t a crucial blow by any means, Dana White has stated Diaz needs to change his attitude and tone himself down a little bit to receive another UFC opportunity. Diaz has a solid boxing background that doesn’t translate to MMA, but a fight with Vargas who is a 26-5 light middleweight with 22 KO’s could be what Diaz needs to bring in the big bucks he solely seeks. Diaz says he doesn’t see much of a future in MMA for himself, and rightfully so, if your chasing a paycheck his in the wrong sport because MMA fighters have to earn every penny they get and won’t receive boxer money anytime soon.

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