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Smackdown Spoilers: Edge, Rey Mysterio & Breaking News Shocks WWE World

By Sean Farrell

Smackdown opens and the World Heavyweight Championship is suspended above the ring. A video package featuring Edge is shown.

Segment 1: Cody Rhodes comes out with three men wearing suits, one pushing a shopping cart. In the cart there are brown paper bags. Rhodes instructs them to hand out the bags to the fans because “they all need them”. Everyone in the front row is given a brown paper bag to put over their head. Rhodes cuts a promo which leads to the themed Wrestlemania XXVII rematches with Rey Mysterio.

Match 1: Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio. Winner via reversed powerbomb into a pin, Rey Mysterio. After the match, Rhodes beats down Rey and they brawl to the outside. Cody finally gets the upper hand after a back and forth battle and puts a paper bag over Mysterio’s head.

Segment 2: Michael Cole introduces Swagger after footage from Cole’s Knighting Ceremony from Raw airs.

Match 2: Jack Swagger vs. Trent Barreta. Swagger makes him tap out in the ankle lock in a typical squash match.

Segment 3: Big Show and Kane are shown backstage on their way to the ring for their match for the WWE Tag Team Championship is up next.

Awesome Kong Vignette (Kong’s new name in the WWE will be Kharma).

Match 3: WWE Tag Team Championship, Big Show & Kane vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/Ezekiel Jackson. Winners & new WWE Tag Team Champions, Big Show & Kane. They got the win after miss-communication from The Corre.

Segment 4: The Corre argue about the miscue and Ezekiel Jackson blames Heath Slater. Slater pushes Justin Gabriel. They are teasing a break-up of the faction.

Match 4: Drew McIntyre vs. Chris Masters. Winner after hitting the Future Shock, Drew McIntyre in another squash match.

Match 5: Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston WWE Intercontinental Championship. Winner and still champion Wade Barrett. Ezekiel Jackson came out with Barrett but he nearly cost him the match by accidentally clothes lining him, Barrett then sent him to the back.
Main Event? Alberto Del Rio hosts his retirement party for Edge. He comes out and unveils his gifts to the “Rated R Superstar”… A grandfather clock, depends and the love of his life Lita, sorry guys not really her. (Out comes a very obese lady posing as Lita).

Del Rio also says he got Edge a new ride. Ricardo Rodriguez drives a hover round out to an Edge-like entrance. Del Rio then tells Brodus Clay to attack Edge (who is up on the ramp looking on) but as Clay goes up the ramp Christian is hiding under the ring with a ladder. Christian attacks Clay on the ramp then takes out Del Rio. Christian gets in the ring with the ladder and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship from up top (Foreshadowing Extreme Rules). Edge applauds from the ramp to end the show.

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