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Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos: Jackson Family Mortified

By Geno McGahee

Dr. Conrad Murray may have the deck stacked against him as they autopsy photos are now being allowed in court of the late Michael Jackson. With the images being shown to the jury, the thought is that they will be so disturbed that a guilty verdict in the manslaughter case will be quick and easy for the good doctor.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor also is allowing footage from the concert movie “THIS IS IT” which will allow the prosecution to show the great shape Michael was in prior to being given drugs illegally by the Murray.

On top of the autopsy photos, Murray will have to deal with some mistresses that are coming forward to hang him out to dry, but his child support owed will not be allowed to enter the case. The odds are long against Murray and considering just who it was that died under his medication, it seems like a definite that he will be spending some time behind bars.

The Jackson family was said to be “mortified” by the display of the autopsy photos of Michael and his condition, but they understand why it is necessary to do so.

The opening statements were set for May 9th.

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