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The Man that Beat Amir Khan: Breidis Prescott Returns to ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights

By Geno McGahee

On September 6th, 2008, heavy underdog Breidis Prescott entered the ring in the UK, the home country of Amir Khan, an undefeated future star, and to the shock of many, Prescott won convincingly in 54 seconds of the very first round. He blitzed Khan and got him out of there quickly and put his name on the map, and now intends to get back to the limelight and back into title contention.

Prescott, 23-2, 19 KO’s, has gone 2-2 in his last four fights and hasn’t been impressing many. His last two wins have been over mediocrities at best. He will be facing the untested Bayan Jargal, 15-1-3, 10 KO’s, but a draw with Richard Hall, a fighter with a record of 10-21-2 at the time does not look promising for an upset tomorrow.

Expect the heavy-handed Prescott to look for his knockout early and if Jargal doesn’t have the chin and grit to withstand it, we will see an early stoppage for Prescott, and that will help further his cause to get another shot at Khan or another big name in the game.

New Jersey heavyweight Joe Hanks, 15-0, 10 KO’s, continues his development as a hopeful contender, taking on another relative no-hoper in Terrell Nelson, 8-11, 5 KO’s, and Kevin Rooney, JR., son of the former trainer of Mike Tyson, will make his pro debut.

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