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Fres Oquendo Pulls Out of Prizefighter

Due to the death of 47-year-old Wendall Granville, long time friend and partner in his non-profit charity: Fres Oquendo Boxing Academy, Fres Oquendo has decided to remove himself from the May 7 Prizefighter: International Heavyweights tournament. Oquendo, who was considered by many as a strong favorite to win the competition, just received the news about his friend’s passing. “My first phone call was to WBA heavyweight champion David Haye to inform him of the news, He was extremely supportive and said the decision was up to Fres,” said Oquendo’s manager Tom Tsatas, Oquendo also has the full support and understanding of his promoters John Wirt of Square Ring Promotions and Bobby Hitz of Hitz Boxing.

“The sudden loss of a friend is devastating and I am in deep shock, Wendell helped get me off the streets when I was a knucklehead and stuck with me through all the malaise of boxing for nearly 20 years all the way to helping me make the FOBA come to fruition. I feel I should to be here with his family and partake in any arrangements the family will make this upcoming week. I’d thank my friend David Haye and my team for their support,” stated Oquendo.

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