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“Canine Columnist”: Every Dog Has His Day


By Santino Corleone Berkwitt

What is it with people with the smooth fur and furbabies nowadays? This is the second time this week that I’ve read something troubling regarding people and the way that they treat furry friends. A few days ago, Snowflake Cruz was the recipient of bad treatment. Most recently, Champ Biden has been the target. Isn’t enough that people mistreat one another? Must they now redirect their ire to man’s best friend? Say it isn’t so!

“Newsmax” (it should really be named “News-min”) is in the news for claiming that Champ was “dirty”, “unpresidential”, and looked like he was from the junkyard. He then furthered his attacks on Champ’s furdaddy by saying that Champ and his brother Major were both more active and visible than their tired lazy owner, President Joe Biden. These statements were made by Newsmax host Greg Kelly.

My initial thoughts are that people reveal more about themselves when they attack others. Champ Biden has lived a long life. He was adopted from a breeder and has served as a loyal companion to President Biden and Dr. Biden. It’s been reported that his name has special significance to the president. Champ’s name was given from a piece of advice that was given by his paternal grandfather, “Any time you get knocked down, champ, get up!”

To insult Champ by calling him dirty and insinuate that he looks like a junkyard dog is very short sighted and ignorant. Champ looks like the typical German Shepherd. He is lively and loyal, which is something that a lot of people don’t seem to know how to be.

If I had any words of advice to give to Champ, it would be this… “don’t let other people’s perception of you cloud who you know that you are”. Champ, you, along with your little brother Major, have brought back humanity into a house that was absent of it for four years. Politics aside, it is refreshingly normal to see a family and its dog. It shows that the family is willing and able to give something to a living being who may not be able to pay them back financially, but can give them love, laughs, and licks for a long time to come.

The time may come when someone attacks a loved one of Mr. Kelly’s. Hopefully, he will reflect on his own caustic words when this time comes. Until then, hold your head up high Champ! Thanks for giving us a little bit of normal back.

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