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Blue Bird Through My Window…

By Janet Grace

This morning found me reminding my chihuahua, Jacqueline, to be silent “Baby Sleeping” is the command, but she was insistent that I follow her to my favorite tree, Dewey (The other two are Huey and Louie), where a baby blue jay just sprouting wings had taken his or her show on the road, sans roadies, or stage hands.

I placed it back in its tree – twice.

By this time, my huntress, the cat, was peering over my shoulder looking to see if she could score on my findings.

Nope, nope, nope. Off I go to find a wild life sanctuary which will feed this guy worms like its mom for the next following weeks. I’d rather that than finding its remains somewhere.

I always ask myself when a wild creature comes into my world, what it means, spiritually.

This blue jay packs a punch when it comes to all the different supposed omens. If it’s good, I’ll accept it. If it’s bad news, I disregard it.

I’ve included the article given if you’re reading this, it now applies to you. Good luck, here we come!

Thanks, Baby Blue!

Sending love n misses to all.

JG )O(


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