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T-Mobile Experiences Profound Data Breach

By Janet Grace

T-Mobile was hacked – again.

Is the fifth time in three years. You’d think they’d have their shit together by now. No wonder they’re giving me free smart watches, tablets and credits galore!

On Tuesday, T-Mobile confirmed that 40 MILLION people’s personal information had been breached.

If this is your present carrier or is they’ve ever been your carrier:

1. Change your passwords.

2. Change your pins.

3. For EVERYTHING. Why take chances?

4. Set up a secondary means of protection with two factor authentication.

5. Use apps that are authenticators, i.e., MS or Google.

6. Contact the three major credit cops: Experian, Transunion, Equifax and freeze your credit. You won’t be able to open another line until you unfreeze them, but no one else will be able to set up a line of credit using your information, either.

7. Contact social security and disable the ability to access your account online. You’ll have to call the Social Security number and wait 5k years to speak with a representative but it’s better than having “Joe Blow” access your account and treating themselves to a new social security card, mainly YOURS, to do Heaven Knows What with. It’s certainly worth more than you are. Don’t take chances.

8. Log in to your credit card and banking accounts and add the setting that has them text you for every purchase you make

Pass this on to all you know. Jump into cyberspace and read the nitty-gritty about it.

Brightest blessings,
JG )O(

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