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Angelic Numerical Meanings, Finding Balance and Joy…

By Janet Grace

I have had a very strong connection to angels since I can remember, which is before I was able to walk. As astonishing as it may seem, there are those of us who’s ability to remember with detail every event lived, is as normal as blinking. I’m one of those people.

It’s also been normal to me, to see angels, sense angels, know when I’m around angels and fyi, they’re not all wearing white robes, although I have seen them in their garb. Some appear to be homeless, some arrive to help you change a tire in the middle of a desolate road in the middle of the night, appearing out of nowhere, or so it seems. I have been reading and studying Angelology since I was ten. Happily, I’ll tell you that as I’ve grown, so has the library and knowledge associated with these celestial beings.

The difference between angels and saints is that angels never incarnated (until lately) and saints were good people who walked the earth and were later canonized, recognized as such. Mother Theresa, St. Francis, et al and Archangels are two different sets of beings. They don’t all have wings.

The more I became acquainted with angels, the more I noticed numbers, the more that the music which pours through me like a sweet, healing elixir, began taking shape in repetitions surrounding certain chords, which also have numerical value. Music, geometry and mathematics go together like a hand in a glove. It’s no mistake that these are my favorite subjects.
Angels communicate with us at times using numbers.

There is an angel corresponding to every number, every color, every musical note, every musical chord.

When I began driving, I began noticing license plates around me which all had repeating numbers. One, ok. Two, Three, Four, perhaps, a coincidence, if you care to believe in them, but when all the cars surrounding yours have repeating numbers, you know in your heart of hearts that you’re being protected.

I work a lot with Archangels, especially Michael, who stands for the energy of fire, desire, passions, pleasures, pain, honesty. Don’t ever hit up Michael to assist you with a preoccupation, if you know you are at fault or he will slice you, dice you and julienne your ass faster than you can pray for forgiveness. You’ve been warned. He expresses himself through me with the fierceness of a warrior, a ready sword (a quick, sharp tongue in my case) and gentle is not a word to describe him. He’s very masculine. I found I always forgot my earrings and preferred a tailored suit to my favorite girly dresses when channeling him. I also curse like a truck driver when he’s around.

There is a wonderful website called: “Joanne Spiritual Scribe” which gives a detailed meaning for every number. If you’re always seeing the same numbers, check out the website and see if there are any messages for you.

In this attached video, recorded when I was working with Michael in achieving my First Degree as a High Priestess, years back, you’ll see the difference for yourself.

The intended message is about making friends with changes in your life, riding the tide like a rollercoaster that it is, unafraid. Having the knowing that every little thing is truly going to be fine. Changes in life are your friends and nothing to fear. The less you worry, the easier they are. When you kick and buck, it is you who is making your own life more dramatic and chaotic than it needs to be. Instead, be calm. Jump for joy. Better is coming if you can believe it. Worse is coming, if you believe that instead. It is you who call the shots. This is your life. No one else’s.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Brightest blessings always,

JG )O(

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