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David Bennett From Maryland Receives 1st Pig Heart Transplant

By Janet Grace

Wowowow! “When Pigs Fly”, Indeed!

Happy New Year. By this time last year, we were all in shock from the Treasonous Acts of a Select Few. 365 +/- days later, we’ve got someone’s Daddy making plans for the Super Bowl after enduring a nine hour “make it or break it” surgery three days ago, which has forever changed the link (too soon?) between man and beast.

Once again, they’ve come to our rescue. When will we learn how precious these beings are? Thank you, Homer, or whatever this brave piggy’s name was, for giving up your life to teach us how to save other lives, other species included. May this lead to the betterment of our planet.

Congratulations to all at The University of Maryland for expanding these incredible scientific breakthroughs moving humanity forwards, through your tenacity and hard work. Thank you for always questioning. Thank you, for your genius minds.

Happy New Year to all, especially you, Mr.Bennett.

Congratulations on your new Beginnings. I wish for you and your family, appreciation, unabashed gratitude, laughter, love and all the goodness there exists for the remainder of your stays and beyond.


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JG )O(

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