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Ringside Report At The Movies: Don’t Look Up – Movie Review

By Joyce Davis

Some movies you watch and you say it was good and you go on with your business. Some movies you watch and you need to talk about its deeper meaning. Don’t look up is that movie we need to talk about.

The comet I took as a metaphor for the Coronavirus but I saw Leonardo DiCaprio liken it to climate change. I suppose you can pick your own topic that it represents because there are many that we have that people want us to ignore like they do not exist but if we ignore them, they can wipe us out completely.

I may be biased but Meryl Streep can do no wrong. Her portrayal of a president who wanted to change the narrative to help themselves was spot on. In my mind she played Trump and Jonah Hill gave a spectacular rendition of Don Jr. You may come with someone different as it is art and different people see different things. Jennifer Lawrence’s character, I saw myself in her. Lots of curse words to try and tell your position only to be called crazy.

This movie is funny as hell. I was entertained while I was also provoked to think. Why are they telling us not to look up? Is it so they can prevent us from seeing our own demise?

I highly recommend this movie on Netflix. If you feel the need to talk, I would be happy to chat with you about it.

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