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60 Seconds with Kajagoogoo Bassist Nick Beggs

Interview by Karen Beishuizen
Photo of Nick by Howard Shiau

I had this idea for a quick interview with a known person based on something I saw in the free London Metro newspaper: I launched my 60 Seconds for RSR with Nick Beggs: We all know the 1980s band Kajagoogoo with their big hit “Too Shy”: Singer Limahl with his black and white hair and the very cool blond bass player. Yes, that is Nick Beggs.

KB: We know you of course from Kajagoogoo, Ellis Beggs and Howard: Are you still in touch with your former band members?

Yes. I have good friendships amongst them and it’s never very long before someone offers the other out for a beer.

KB:  I remember you produced a girl’s band called Industrial Salt. Are you still scouting for new artists and producing new talent?

Yes, I help develop that band and it was a lot of fun. Actually, I listened to that record the other day and was surprised at how much I still like it.

KB: As for new talent?

I guess I’m always on the lookout for the right thing. But that doesn’t mean I want to hear everyone’s shitty demos. (LOL)

KB: You have a new album out: ” Music for Drones “: How did this start and what is it about?

This is not a new album. It’s over a year old. It was a lock down release aimed at the fan base. It’s a collection of ideas bundled together and available through my website. The ethos is pay what you want for it. My newest project is Trifecta Fragments. That’s the latest release.

KB: You also have a new album out with your band The Mute Gods: Can you tell me a bit more about this?

 No. Again, that isn’t a new album. That was released in March 2019. Atheists & Believers is the third in a trilogy of records I released as The Mute Gods. Alex Lifeson from Rush feature on one song titled One Day. Check it out.

KB:  You are an artist as well with artwork for sale: Have you always been drawing and creating art?

I went to art school in my teens but dropped out to do music. It seems only right that I should keep that part of me alive in some way. It’s a great escape and engages me in a different way to music.

KB:  You don’t like to be pigeonholed. Is there anything you like to do you have not done yet in your career?

I’d like to make a punk album. I just brought a vintage Rickenbacker that sounds really angry. Maybe I’ll try something with that?

KB: Q: You play different kind of instruments: Bass, Guitar, Keyboard: Any instruments you don’t play but you would like to play?


KB:  Some people like Sir Paul McCartney used the Covid Lockdowns to write and record new songs or complete albums. What kept you busy during these times?

I walked my dog a lot. Did some drawing for an art exhibition which will open sometime in the future and tried to help my family not go insane. I felt like I was one of the lucky ones despite losing my father and his partner.

Check out Nick’s website and his projects HERE.

You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.