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Actor Nehemiah Persoff Dead at 102 – Entertainment News

By Geoffrey Huchel

Nehemiah Persoff, the actor known for his roles in GUNSMOKE (1955-1976) and THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1959-1964), passed away April 5, 2022 at a rehabilitation facility in San Luis, California. The cause of death was undisclosed. He was 102.

Persoff was a World War II vet, being drafted in 1942. After the war, the accomplished actor had a career spanning fifty years, and appeared in more than 200 television series, films.

Persoff’s filmography includes THE WRONG MAN (1956), SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959), ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (1955-1962), WAGON TRAIN (1957-1965), THE UNTOUCHABLES (1959-1963), RAWHIDE (1959-1965), THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (1965), GILLIGAN’S ISLAND (1964-1967), HONEY WEST (1965-1966), THE BIG VALLEY (1965-1969), IT TAKES A THIEF (1968-1970), THE FLYING NUN (1967-1970), MOD SQUAD (1968-1973), LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE (1969-1974), COLUMBO (1971-2003), WONDER WOMAN (1975-1979), LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (1974-1983), THE BIONIC WOMAN (1976-1978), HAWAII FIVE-O (1968-1980), YENTL (1983), THE FACTS OF LIFE (1979-1988), AN AMERICAN TAIL (1986), TWINS (1988), AN AMERICAN TAIL: FIEVEL GOES WEST (1991), AN AMERICAN TAIL: THE TREASURE OF MANHATTAN ISLAND (1998), AN AMERICAN TAIL: THE MYSTERY OF THE NIGHT MONSTER (1999) and ANGELS IN AMERICA (2003).

Ringside Report sends our condolences to Nehemiah Persoff’s family during their time of grief.