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Goodbye Naomi Judd…

By Joyce Davis

I grew up weird. I liked all kinds of music. I wasn’t much of a country fan but I loved the Judds. Their music touched my soul. To be honest I had no idea they were a country group. I considered them soul music.

They spoke about depression openly and that endured me to them. People did not talk about it so you felt alone when you struggled through it. They wanted all to know that you were not alone and it was okay to talk about it.

“We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness,” Wynonna and Ashley Judd said in a statement. Those words must have been so hard to write. Some people may not understand how you lose a battle with mental illness but I understand. Sometimes it’s hard to fight.

I send my condolences to the family and I write this because I wanted the world to know how she touched a little sad kid from Detroit with her words and with her music. She played a part in me accepting me with all my flaws. Thank you, Naomi Judd, for making the world a better place for me. You will be missed. May your soul rest and your family find comfort in all the love you left with them.