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Prisoner of Fame: Cardi B

By Joyce Davis

Cardi B, an American rapper who is known for being real, made a joke at the Met Gala about cocaine. People have been coming after her online for it. She made a video to her public and here is some of what she had to say “I really feel like I am a prisoner of fame, like fame has turned me into a prisoner. I’m not myself anymore. God really cursed me with fame. I hate it here. If I could click my feet three times and go back to 2013, when I was just a regular b**** dancing and making money every night, that’s where I want to be. This whole ‘go by the book’ stuff; got to watch what you say, got to watch what you do; this is not me bro. This is ridiculous. I don’t understand how I always get in trouble.”

Cardi has a net worth of forty million dollars. She worked her way from being a topless dancer to a reality show participant to becoming a multi-million-dollar rapper. I absolutely understand her complaint. Maybe not the part of blaming God for what she worked to be, but the being a prisoner to fame part. People can like you because you are real and you say what’s on your mind but the moment you get really big those same people see you as ‘theirs’. They want you to talk a certain way or be a certain way that may not fit who you are as an individual. Some may say that you are now a public figure so you have to consider your public. I say screw that. Be you.

Too many stars live in lives that they are tortured in. Waa, waa, waa, for the rich celebrities. Why should we care about rich people who could buy new lives if they wanted to? Frankly, isn’t this their goal? To make a name for themselves and be rich and famous. The thing is they do this with their craft. What job do you do that you have to be on all the time? They don’t sign up to entertain us twenty-four hours a day but because they are famous, anything they do in their private life could get them from the public.

I don’t feel sorry for Cardi because she is someone, I know will ultimately be herself. I do think about how many other people in Hollywood go to Hollywood being one person, and come out being someone they don’t even like to be around.

If you ever find yourself feeling like a prisoner to people’s desires just remember that no two people want the same thing. To please one you hurt the other or vice versa. If you live your life to please you; you only have one person’s desires to think about. Yours.