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Emmy Winning Actress Pat Caroll Dies at 95 – Entertainment News

By Geoffrey Huchel

Some voice actors are more identifiable than others. Once you’ve heard them perform in one thing chances are you’re going to recognize them in other things. Emmy winning film and TV actress Pat Caroll certainly fits into that category. Caroll appeared in many films and TV series throughout her career, but she will be best remembered for bringing one of Disney’s most celebrated villains to our screens- Ursula, the sea witch from the 1989 animated classic THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Pat Caroll passed away July 30, 2022, of pneumonia at her home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She was 95.

Caroll began acting in 1947, with her first acting credit as Lorelai Crawford in the film HOMETOWN GIRL (1948). She guest starred on THE DANNY THOMAS SHOW (1953-1965), appearing 40 episodes. In the 1965 musical CINDERELLA (1965), she played Prunella, one of the wicked step-sisters of Cinderella ( Lesley Ann Warren).

Her additional film and television credits include PLEASE DON’T EAT THE DAISIES (1965-1967), WITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL (1968), THE RED SKELETON HOUR (1951-2016), THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW (1970-1977), MY THREE SONS (1960-1972), LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE (1969-1974), POLICE STORY (1973-1987), LAVERNE & SHIRLEY (1976-1983), THE LOVE BOAT (1977-1987), TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT (1980-1987), POUND PUPPIES (1985-1988), A PUP NAMED SCOOBY-DOO (1988-1991), A GOOFY MOVIE (1995), THE LITTLE MERMAID II: RETURN TO THE SEA (2000), MICKEY’S HOUSE OF VILLAINS (2001), ER (1994-2009), FREEDOM WRITERS (2007), and THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF MICKEY MOUSE (2020-).

Ringside Report sends our condolences to Pat Caroll’s family during their time of grief.