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Beloved Singer, Actress and Humanitarian Olivia Newton-John Dead at 73 – Entertainment News

By Joyce Davis

Beloved singer, actress and humanitarian Olivia-Newton John died today at the age of 73 from breast cancer.

Growing up I was a weird kid that loved all kinds of music. It did not always go over so well in the hood. One of those people I loved was Olivia Newton-John. I would belt out her songs because it made me happy to pretend I could sing like her. Maybe my sisters and I had different views about the way I sounded.

As a child I was also very naive. One of her songs that was out was “Let’s Get Physical”. I was singing it and dancing to the video on MTV. My older sister said you know that song is about sex,right? I said no it’s about working out; that’s why she has on workout clothes. She said listen to the words. I did. She was right. That experience made me see the world in a different way. I thought of all the guys that sang about sex openly but she had to protect an image because she was a woman. That video made me see the woman’s plight.

From what she shared with us she was a kind soul that cared about her surroundings. She touched people throughout many generations, races, and all over the world. She will be missed. She was an icon in my life. She made me inspire to be a kind person, because I wanted to be like her.

Condolences to her the family. May she RIP. Thank you Olivia for the joy you brought to my life.