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Tell Me Something Good…

By Janet Grace

Well, Folks, I’ve been scouring the news and Internet for something good to report, to no avail.

There is so much happening in our world today, the entire world, not just in our 50 States, DC and our commonwealths, that I thought there would be something wonderful to capture to balance chaos with order. I haven’t found anything.

Miss Brittney Griner remains detained in Russia.

The war between Russia and The Ukraine continues on, seven months after Putin decided to act on his conspiracy theories.

The fighting in other areas of the world continue and here, in America, the gloves are off and Democrats are calling out the garbage being spewed by the insane radicals masquerading as one of our two political parties. The only thing missing is the rest of the Sane Republican’s coming together to denounce those spreading The Big Lie nonsense and to kick them out of their party.

If Sane Republicans cannot join together to kick out half of the Fascist Trump Republicans, they’ll need to join the Dems to do it. I believe those with brains are aware of this fact.

Personally, I detest that that clutching Susan Collins and the rest of the GOP leaders have not risen up to cry foul. They should have done so years ago, and especially after January 6th, but this has not occurred as of yet. Liz and Adam; thus far, are the only two Republicans with the integrity to stand alone with the truth at their helm.

In Trump-Land, his appointed judge just did him a solid and is allowing for some poor slob to review the fiasco coming down the pike. We already know that said person will receive a communication with an offer they cannot refuse. We know this. We watch the gangster movies.

We continue to roll our eyes, shake our heads and wonder to what extent this baloney bullhorn will wreak havoc on our democracy.

The truth, We, The People, is that they will take this as far as they can and continue to discredit truth, find ways to push back against law and order by using those corrupt and in power to do it for them. They will not stop until WE stop them, together. The Sane vs The Insane. That’s the truth. Democracy v Fascism.

I’ve lost any regard for all of those in office. I stand by my opinion that every single person working for the government, in Congress, the Senate, in all three branches of government should be expelled from their jobs and have to take tests to prove they actually know their facts and absolutely qualify to run for office. They should have to reapply for the job, just as big companies do when there are corporate takeovers.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments. Until then, I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground.

JG )O(

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”