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Actor Henry Silva Dies at 95 – Entertainment News

By Geoffrey Huchel

Actor Henry Silva, known for his many tough-guy roles and is the last surviving star of the original OCEAN’S ELEVEN (1960), passed away September 14, 2022 of natural causes in Los Angeles, just nine days before his 96th birthday. He was 95.

The prolific character actor was known for often playing criminals or gangsters. In addition to OCEAN’S ELEVEN, his notable film appearances include THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962), JOHNNY COOL (1963) SHARKY’S MACHINE (1981), and GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMAURAI (1999).

His additional film and TV credits include THE TALL T (1956), A HATFUL OF RAIN (1957), THE UNTOUCHABLES (1959-1963), THE OUTER LIMITS (1963-1965), WAGON TRAIN (1957-1965), MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (1966-1973), HAWAII FIVE-O (1968-1980), BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY (1979), CANNONBALL RUN II (1984), AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON (1987), ABOVE THE LAW (1988), DICK TRACY (1990), and OCEAN’S ELEVEN (2001).

Ringside report sends our condolences to Henry Silva’s family during their time of grief.