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Mitch McConnell Blamed For Red Ripple

By Nikki Slusher

Rick Scott, the guy who blew the entire NRSC’s war chest, received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement for Republican Senate Leader this week. This comes as current GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is under extreme criticism for the party’s election performance.

McConnell has received a lot of backlash after Tuesday’s midterms. Arizona GOP U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters ranted about McConnell on Tucker Carlson after it was evident Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) is going to hold onto his seat. Newsmax anchors have gone on about how McConnell failed to invest in key races, costing Congressional Republicans the “red wave” they anticipated.

Also in Arizona was Kari Lake’s advisor, Caroline Wren, went on a broadcasted ranted about McConnell: “He spent $40 million on Oz in PA. Any time McConnell touches anything it goes to shit. In GA they’ll announce Karl Rove is gonna run some obscure PAC, steal $75 million, run ridiculous ads & lose us another Senate seat.”

It’s kind of funny to see the crowd —who claimed President Biden was the problem — are now saying it’s Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump that’re the issue. Whatever happens in the end, we can rest assured Mitch McConnell will never be Senate Majority Leader again.

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