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Root Canals Vs Life Expectancy…

By Janet Grace

Scrolling through YouTube for my favorite podcasts and updated news of last weeks elections, I happened upon a show which highlighted that which I was unaware of. Root Canals can shorten your lifespan. “Well, Golly!”, as Gomer Pyle would say. How can that be? The doctor being addressed states that while the initial nerves are seemingly eradicated, they’re actually irradicated. The remaining nerves continue their necrotic journey, deteriorating deeply within your being, slowly poisoning your system, causing all types of havoc. You may receive the blank stared look DeSantis gave Charlie Crist weeks ago from dentists preferring to count their share of your insurance funds rather than allow full transparency, disclosing what we should all be told beforehand. I speculate. Some of you may know my personal history with dentists, doctors, the importance of dental hygiene and why I’m obsessively interested whenever I hear of any new procedure involving the human anatomy. To those that are unaware, I’ll just say: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Below is the link which led me to write this tiny blurb. At 63 yrs, I’m very interested in living as long as I can to enjoy my descendants and their antics, despite my penchant for life on the fast lane. I’m not hanging up my motorcycle helmet any time soon, and I look forward to skiing, sky diving, and jumping into sun warmed lakes. That said, there’s also nothing better than chomping down ‘con gusto’ on a hard, crisp apple and gently chewing them with one’s front teeth, like a rodent, leaves much to be desired.

Do your homework, folks. Educate yourselves as much as you can at every given opportunity. Share this news and this podcast with others, that they; too, can make informed decisions on their health and for Christmas’ sake, do brush after every meal, baking soda, flossing are your friends and as Mom used to say: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Stop smoking.

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