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Hogan’s Heroes Star Robert Clary Dies at 96 – Entertainment News

By Geoffrey Huchel

Robert Clary, known for his role as Corporal LeBeau on the classic sitcom HOGAN’s HEROES passed away November 16, 2022, at his home in Los Angeles, California. A cause of death was not provided. He was 96.

Born in France, Robert Clary suffered the anguish of war, being held in a Zazi concentration camp as a child. After WWII, he became a singing star in France, and in the late 1940s came to the United States to pursue and promote his career. Clary had a knack for comedy. Those skills led to appearances in stage productions on Broadway.

In addition to HOGAN’S HEROES (1965-1971), Clary’s film and TV credits include TEN TALL MEN (1951), THIEF OF DEMASCUS (1952), LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE (1969-1974), THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (1973-), THE HINDENBURG (1975), FANTASY ISAND (1977-1984), GENERAL HOSPITAL (1963-), DAYS OF OUR LIVES (1965-), and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (1987-).

Ringside Report sends our condolences to Robert Clary’s family during their time of grief.

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