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Q&A with Albert Lee

Exclusive Interview by Karen Beishuizen

Albert Lee is a legendary British guitarist who is known for his picking technique. He played with greats like Chris Farlowe, Jon Lord, Ritchie Blackmore, The Crickets, Emmylou Harris and Eric Clapton. He is currently on tour in the US and later this month in Europe. Go check him out!

KB: How old were you when you started playing guitar?


KB: Who was your music idol as a kid?

Lonnie Donegan

KB: How did you get the nickname Mr. Telecaster?

I wonder that myself, there were so many great players with Telecasters, I was in the right place and time with Emmylou Harris.

KB: You were the musical director of The Everly Brothers reunion concert in 1983? Tell me how this fell into place.

I wonder how this story began, Don and Phil both decided that I should be one of the guitarists, I was not responsible for putting them back together and we were all familiar with how the songs should be performed.

KB: What do you prefer: country or blues? And why?

Definitely country if I have to choose one. It’s uplifting and happier.

KB: Is there anyone you have not worked with, but you would love to or wish you had?

Ray Charles and Elvis Presley

KB: If you were to make an album with your 7 favorite songs (not your own): what would you pick and why?

I have favorite songs but not all would suit me. There are many by Jimmy Webb that I haven’t tackled yet.

KB: I hear you are touring the US right now. How is that going? Any other future plans?

I’ve been working mostly on the cold east coast but soon to be in Germany and Switzerland where it’ll also be cold!

Check out Albert’s website: HERE
Find him on Facebook: HERE

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