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Q&A with Chad McQueen


Exclusive Interview by Karen Beishuizen

Chad is the son of legendary actor Steve McQueen. He was with him on most of the movie sets. Starting McQueen Racing was influenced by his dad who was a big racer himself. He is currently producing and making movies with his kids.

KB: You are Steve McQueen’s son. Describe how it was growing up with such a famous dad?

He was a great Dad, He was famous, that’s just the way it was- We couldn’t go shopping without 10-15 people asking for his autograph.

KB: Describe how he was as a father.

Strict, But good, Fun and Fair

KB: You love racing. How big of an influence was your dad’s racing to you?

He was always racing, And I got to go with him. It had a huge influence on my life I would say.

KB: You won the mini Le Mans on the set of your dad’s movie? Tell me about it.

I was in a Ferrari 333 and took over the lead in the last lap and won. I just remember my dad being so proud of me. There were a lot of smiles around the house that weekend.

KB: Which movie sets were you on with your dad and how was it?

I was on most of them. It was great, I would see how my dad would prepare and execute the job.

KB: You played Dutch in Karate Kid I and 2. How did you get this part?

I auditioned and got the part. Who would’ve thought after all these years people would even remember me for that role.

KB: Tell me about your company McQueen Racing.

I started McQueen-Racing in 2010 as a way to show what my dad instilled in me and what I’ve instilled in my kids. It’s a way for us to show our heritage and where we came from. We do everything from aftermarket parts for racing and production cars with Steeda to custom motorcycles.

KB: If you were to direct a movie about your dad’s life, who should play him and why?

I don’t think anyone could play him; He was too complex.

KB: Your dad died in 1980. He was only 50. You were 19. How hard was it to lose your dad at such a young age?

It was very hard. He went down to Mexico when the doctors in the states couldn’t do anything for him. I went with him and had to give blood for him every day. He tried his best.

KB: What are you currently up to? Any new stuff happening?

Working with my kids Chase and Madi producing and making movies.

Check out Chad’s website: HERE
Find him on Instagram: HERE

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