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Q&A with Kathryn Leigh Scott

Exclusive Interview by Karen Beishuizen

Kathryn Leigh Scott is best known for the four characters she played on the show “Dark Shadows”: Maggie Evans, Josette du Pres, Lady Kitty Hampshire and Rachel Drummond. Her husband was Time-Life photographer Ben Martin who’s photographs of Marcel Marceau will be exhibited at New York’s National Arts Club in Gramercy Park until April 28. She is writing a monthly piece for AARP/The Ethel, an online newsletter. And she is also rehearsing a play with Dark Shadows actor David Selby and Susan Sullivan.

KB: Did you always want to be an actress?

Since I was a schoolgirl, I’ve wanted to be both an actress and writer. For me, the twin careers work very well together. I use all that I know as an actress in my writing and the same is true when I bring what I’ve learned as a writer to my acting.

KB: You played 4 roles on the series Dark Shadows. Why so many?

Playing multiple roles on Dark Shadows happened by accident. One day I came to work and saw the producer filming a clothes dummy dressed as the ghost of Josette. I offered to step into the costume on the dummy and the producer was so pleased with the film that I was cast to play Josette in addition to my waitress character, Maggie, the audience was not confused because the storylines took place in two different time periods. Soon, all the Dark Shadows actors were playing multiple roles as the storylines time travelled. Essentially our troupe of actors worked like a repertory company. What a great gift for a young actor to play so many characters in four different time periods!

KB: Which role did you like the most on the show and why?

I liked them all, but truly enjoyed playing Maggie Evans, the waitress in the diner. Josette would be my second choice, largely because of the wonderful costumes, wigs and marvellous love triangle with the witch and the vampire.

KB: You have worked with so many great people: Do you have any favorites and why?

James Stewart, Dirk Bogarde and Joan Bennett would top my list, all three of them film legends. I also have very high regard for Tom Sellek. I did two pilots in addition to appearing in a couple of episodes of Magnum PI with Tom.

KB: Are there any people currently you would love to work with and why?

Bill Nighy, of course. I’m also intrigued by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, both of them really fine actors.

KB: You played with James Stewart in the stage version of Harvey in London. How was it working with him?

We became pals, particularly as the run of Harvey took place during the worst of the Irish bombings when our theatre was often the target of bomb alerts. Jimmy and I had lunch together every matinee day, Wednesdays and Saturdays. He was a dream to work with and a dear friend!

KB: In 1985 you launched a publishing company to publish guides about the entertainment business. Tell me the story.

Pomegranate Press was launched in 1985 to publish nonfiction entertainment books. I am currently reissuing “Marcel Marceau: Master of Mime” to coincide with the National Arts Club photo exhibit celebrating the mime’s 100th birthday. The book, containing some 350 photographs, 80 in exquisite color, captures Marceau behind the scenes, rehearsing, applying makeup, and performing. The book is published in both hardcover and softcover to coincide with the exhibit and is available on Amazon.

KB: What are you currently doing?

I am currently involved in the Marcel Marceau Centenary Exhibit at the National Arts Club and the publication of “Marcel Marceau: Master of Mime.” I’m writing a monthly piece for AARP/The Ethel, an online newsletter. I’m also rehearsing a play with Dark Shadows actor David Selby and Susan Sullivan (Castle, Falcon Crest), both beloved friends of many years.

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