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Q&A with Linda Gail Lewis

Exclusive Interview by Karen Beishuizen

Her website says it best: Born a Louisiana girl and now residing in Austin, Texas, she’s the little sister to living legend and musical genius, Jerry Lee Lewis. Raised on rock’n’roll pumping piano and country, Linda Gail grew up with a passion for music. A professional musician since fifteen, she continues to tour sharing her high-octane live show with music fans around the world. Check out her new album A Tribute to Jerry Lee which was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis!

KB: Did you always want to be a singer and musician growing up?

I always wanted to be a singer and travel with my brother. I was 15 when I went on the road with him. I became a professional piano player and made it part of my act, in 1988. that’s when I started my solo career. The band playing with me in Memphis had a piano player who didn’t play Jerry Lee style piano. I had to start playing to have the piano sound, groove and feel that I wanted

KB: Did you and Jerry Lee get along? What kind of brother was he?

Jerry was so good to me. We got along great. Maybe had a couple of quarrels through the years, but definitely not very many. He was so kind to me and always tried to help me. He would brag on my singing. It gave me so much confidence. He took care of me and promoted me every way he could.  He was a wonderful brother. Even though he’s gone, I think about him all the time and still love him so much.  I’ll never get over losing him.

KB: How old were you when you started to play the piano? Did you have a teacher?

Jerry taught me how to play the Tennessee waltz when I was 2 years old. He taught me how to play chords to accompany myself while singing and writing songs when I was a teenager. Then one day when we had a piano backstage, he showed me how to play boogie woogie and rock n roll. I didn’t start playing rock n roll until quite a few years later. I’m so thankful that when I added piano to my act, I was able to remember that lesson I got backstage from my brother. It took a couple of months, but I was able to start a career as a singer and musician. I had the best teacher in the world!!!

KB: How was it performing with Jerry Lee on stage?

It was wonderful performing with my brother on stage. I loved singing with him on live shows, and recording with him was great.

KB: You recorded with Van Morrison?

Yes. I did an album with Van and toured with him for about a year. It was a lot of fun.

KB: Are there currently artists you would love to collaborate with?

I’m happy collaborating with my daughter Annie Marie Lewis, and my son in law Danny B Harvey. I just want to continue doing that.

KB: Tell me about your new tribute album to your brother Jerry Lee. What is your favorite song?

It was so much fun recording in legendary Sun studios. I had the honor of playing with the amazing and legendary musicians Danny B. Harvey, Slim Jim Phantom, Luca Chiappara and Annie Marie Lewis. It was so special to be able to pay tribute to my beloved brother who has always been my favorite singer, piano player, and performer. I’m so grateful to Brian Perera and Cleopatra Records for giving me this opportunity! My favorite song on the album is Down the Line.

KB: Was it hard putting an album like that together?

It wasn’t hard to put the album together, because I had all the right people.

Check out her website: HERE

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