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RSR Thanks You The Readers For Taking Us to the TOP

In October of 2010, RSR decided to change directions and bring you, the readers, some variety, but we were not prepared for the amazing reaction. We initially expanded and broughtin Mixed Martial Arts and that’s when the requests began coming in for Pro Wrestling and more, and we are here for you. If you want something covered, we will cover it.

Now we gladly cover the Paranormal, entertainment, pro wrestling, MMA, boxing, and much more, and we will continue to progress and give you more variety. We are not foolish. We know that boxing fans have other interests and perhaps, we can introduce the sport to some of the fans of the other topics we cover.

We are and always will be “The Heart of Boxing” but we will also continue to bring you a variety of topics for your reading pleasure. We are so excited that you have come to RSR and made it one of the top boxing sites in the world and are now enjoying the many other things that we cover as well.

In the recent weeks and months, RSR’s rankings have gone through the roof. This tells not only management, but our entire team that we have answered the call of our readers for the coverage of a diverse group of articles each day here at Ringside Report.

Here is one of thousands of emails that just tear at your heartstrings.

Hello MR. Berkwitt and MR McGahee,

My name is Eugene CD. Newman and over the last few years, I have had it very rough. BOOZE did me in, but now I put the Gin to the side. My wife left me, the bank took my house and GMAC took my pickup truck. Yes, lots of sadness engulfed my life, but when I came to my favorite site Ringside Report, and found this lovable gorilla Ambam, he put a smile on my face, that had not been there for many years. Ambam shows that miracles even in animals can happen. He appears to be smarter than most humans I know. The fact that you added him to your banner is just wonderful. I beg you to keep updates coming on Ambam this lovable gorilla. (Excuse, I am getting very emotional as I write this). Ambam you are what is right in this world. You complete me.

So RSR readers, thanks again and if you want something covered, by all means contact us. We want to meet the demand.

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